lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011


Arauca is a department of Colombia located in the extreme north of the Orinoco (the Llanos Oriental), bordering Venezuela. It is bordered to the south by the Casanare River and the Meta River. To the west borders with the Boyacá Department. The Caño Limón oil fields located in its territory accounts for 30% of Colombian oil output.
Its capital is the town of Arauca. Arauca is considered one of the regions most affected by the Colombian armed conflict.
Arauca has 7 municipalities among Arauquita, Saravena, Tame, Puerto Rondón, etc.
The first conqueror to arrive was Nicholas Araucanian lands Federman in the year 1539.
The main activities in this department are: agriculture, cattle farming, fishing and crude oil production.

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