jueves, 14 de abril de 2011



Economic Aspects:
1. Agriculture:
*They were very good at harvesting.
*They cultivated by taking into account the Moon phases.
*One of the most important cultivations was the CORN, it was the main food in this community.
*They used the corn to prepare CHICHA.

2. Mining Industry:
One of the most valuable mineral in this community was the salt.
It was taken form Zipaquira mine.
Another important aspect was the precious stones like emeralds and gold.

3. Pottery:
They were good at creating containers which they stored and prepared food and drinks.
They used gold and precious stones to make them.

4. Textile:
In that time the temperature was very cold, for that reason they made blankets.
The blankets were made of cotton and were the most valuable gift.

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